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A growing number of people, within both the residential and business communities, are concerned with the prevalence of Anti-Social Behaviour and low level criminality within their area. In response to calls for a service that can provide reassurance and assistance, Vespasian Security have expanded our Patrol and Response Service.

Previously deployed to monitor and respond to business premises during the hours of darkness, as well as retail premises during the daytime, the service has been broadened to answer the increasing demand from private individuals.

The Vespasian Guardian Team conduct patrols each and every day and night, visiting our clients’ residential or business addresses.

Patrolling using

The Guardian Team’s high visibility branded vehicle is fitted with a tracker unit and a state of the art CCTV system which records continually.

Using this vehicle, the Guardian Team also respond to direct calls from clients asking for attendance at their location due to a perceived threat.

The Guardian Team service includes:

  • A security survey of your property conducted with recommendations made of how best to secure your home or business
  • An emergency hotline number linking you directly to the team on duty in your area
  • A single patrol to your property (either between 06:00-18:00 or 18:00-06:00) specified by you
  • A free key holding service for residential properties for holiday periods up to 6 weeks per year
  • Free key holding for SME businesses for out of hours periods. (Call out charges apply to any business out of hours call out, totalling more than 60 mins outside of normal patrol visit).
  • Support in evidence collation and preparation for submission to Police in the event of an incident or crime being committed. This includes the reviewing of CCTV, writing of witness statements, Police liaison and evidence pack submission.

Vespasian Security are an organisation that supports the Police authorities wholeheartedly in their continued endeavours to engage with the community and tackle crime in society. The cutting of frontline police officers and further support staff should be addressed immediately and reversed. The Police service is an invaluable part of our society and communities.

The Vespasian Guardian Team service has not been created in an attempt to replace the invaluable work Police teams carry out on a daily basis. The Vespasian Guardian Team has instead been created to deliver reassurance to many members of our communities, who are repeatedly asking our industry for something extra to support them, both in their business environment and at their residential properties.


  • Andy Denny

    We have never worked with a contractor from ANY area of the festival who is so dedicated to providing a first class service.


  • Nick Byrne

    Glad to see some friendly faces. When security greet you with a smile and a friendly hello, it’s hard not to give back and treat them with respect. Starting exchanges on the right foot makes a difference. Glad to see a security team that give the impression that they’re on ‘our’ side.

    Festival Customer

  • Ben Miles

    Vespasian has been with us from the start and we work well together as a team. We meet regularly to discuss service provision and they are flexible enough to meet our changing needs. Their expertise and experience of the industry have been invaluable to us and to the success of our venue.

    Little Johnny Russells

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Approved Contractor

Vespasian Security Ltd. holds SIA approved Contractor Status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding services.