Due to the current and ongoing pressures on public services, many local authorities, companies and organisations are already utilising Vespasian’s teams to perform additional, critical duties.

Vespasian are already delivering services including:

  • Retail store queue management
  • Engagement patrols of public spaces
  • Staffed and patrol presence for closed premises
  • Conflict management positions
  • Access control at NHS facilities
  • Car park management
  • CCTV monitoring staff
  • Traffic management personnel

Vespasian has a diverse client base, illustrating our ability to create bespoke solutions for a wide range of operational challenges. Vespasian’s COVID security and support teams  clients currently include:

  • NHS Facilities
  • Local Resilience Forums / Civil contingency departments
  • Business Crime Reduction Partnerships
  • Retail brands
  • Local Authorities
  • National Infrastructure sites

Vespasian’s level of excellence is recognised by our status as an Approved Contractor Status (ACS) with the Security Industry Authority. Vespasian can deliver our services, regionally and nationally using our cross country network of team members.

To find out how Vespasian can assist you and your team, please contact us on 02392 295 503 or email info@vespasiansecurity.co.uk

For direct UK government guidance regarding the safe opening of retail stores follow click here


  • Andy Denny

    We have never worked with a contractor from ANY area of the festival who is so dedicated to providing a first class service.


  • Nick Byrne

    Glad to see some friendly faces. When security greet you with a smile and a friendly hello, it’s hard not to give back and treat them with respect. Starting exchanges on the right foot makes a difference. Glad to see a security team that give the impression that they’re on ‘our’ side.

    Festival Customer

  • Ben Miles

    Vespasian has been with us from the start and we work well together as a team. We meet regularly to discuss service provision and they are flexible enough to meet our changing needs. Their expertise and experience of the industry have been invaluable to us and to the success of our venue.

    Little Johnny Russells

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Approved Contractor

Vespasian Security Ltd. holds SIA approved Contractor Status for the provision
of Door Supervision and Security Guarding services.